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C# / VB .NET Control Code 128 / Code 128 GS1 1.01


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Software Development / Components & Libraries

Operating System

Windows Media Center Edition 2005,Windows Vista Business,Windows Vista


Wolf Software


C# / VB .NET Control Code 128 / Code 128 GS1 1.01 Review

.NET controls creates barcode Code 128 and Code 128 GS1 (formerly UCC / EAN). Small footprint, only 40 kB, only a single file. Automatic selection of compression mode for smallest outline. * 100% managed code * Full support for all Code 128 variants (A, B, C) with fully automatic variant selection * Can be used on a form or as a DLL (i.e. not using screen estate) * Full design-time
support for all properties
* Data bindable
* Automatic checksum calculation
* Automatic Code 128 GS1 formatting incl. field delimiter for variable fields
* Highly customizable with user definable properties for module width, height, human readable text etc.
* Easy to use - create and display a barcode with only three lines of code
* Sample projects in C# and VB .net (incl. pre-compiled read-to-run binaries)
* Control-internal bitpattern routines are accessible from the client for owner drawn barcodes.
* Small footprint, only 60 kB, only a single file

Program system requirements: Visual Studio 2005

New in this version: New release.


C# / VB .NET Control Code 128 / Code 128 GS1

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